Review about Dr.Ashwin Vijay

Arthroscopic surgeon


I injured my knee in the month of December due to excessive running on the treadmill. It was a grade I tear back then. I had visited one of the leading orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai, they asked me to rest for a week and get back to my workout routine. Days flew but my pain kept on increasing. Then I decided to go to Apollo and got my knee examined by the chief doctor there and he suggested that I go in for some IFT physiotherapy. That is when I searched online about good physiotherapy centres and OJAS was rated one among the best and I chose to get it done here. I had visited Ojas in the month of June. The staff there are very kind and courteous, they suggested that I could once show my reports to Dr.P.R.Ashwin just to get a more clear understanding on what has to be done. This was the time I lost all hopes that I would ever recover from the injury and get back to my normal workout routine.( leave alone workout, standing for more than 10 mins was a very big deal for me) The very first time I met Dr.Ashwin , I was very much motivated. He spreads a lot of positivity which according to me is what every person under pain requires. He educated me on what exactly I'm undergoing and he asked me to give it sometime since I was too young for a surgery. He asked me to believe in the natural healing process(unlike doctors who readily want to perform a surgery). He later along with his team analysed my problem in detail and suggested that I should go in for an Ultra sound guided Injection in my hamstring.Within 10 days I found myself to be in a better position that what I was, I was given some more physiotherapy which Dr.Ashwin was very kind enough to guide personally. Now I am back to my old fit self. All thanks to Dr.Ashwin and his team. Now my entire family visits only him for any orthopaedic issues.
It is very important to fall in the right hands and feel confident about your doctor.
Unlike most hospitals where they give appointments to all patients at once just to keep a crowded atmosphere, here at Ojas even the appointments are so sorted and you aren't made to wait very long (which is important , because it gets hard to sit an wait for hours when you are already sick) Dr.Ashwin has a very modern approach to his treatment. He makes sure you get the best available treatment.
He makes sure that there is a proper check on his patients via his staff. A special mention to his staff for dealing with patients with a lot of patience and a kind manner. You can undoubtedly visit Ashwin doctor for your orthopaedic issues and I'm sure you would relate to everything I have said.

Preeti Kannan

I met Dr.Ashwin for my mother-n-laws knee pain.He was so friendly and now she is confident that she can become normal.He was very clear in explaining the problem and the solution as well.She felt free to discuss her problems with him.The hospital front office team was calling me often and I was in a doubt that whether it is a good hospital (was in an assumption that there are no patients) But it was not so. They took special attention to all patients.They were coordinating nicely.The fees was also not too high.Read so many good reviews about Ashwin.Before meeting I was in a doubt.All the reviews about Ashwin is true.And he is outstanding.


I am Venkat From Abu Dhabi. Met Dr. Ashwin to consult my son’s shoulder dislocation problem on our vacation during March and he suggested some good advice to keep him fit and continue his games. Last month (July) we went to Europe and I got my back pain which begun in Swiss and got aggravated and spread all around my right leg. The pain was really unbearable and we came back to Abu Dhabi and did MRI and consulted 4 doctors. They all had different opinions, like take rest for one month, do traction and IFT. I got a lot of opinions from my friends like going to Kerala for Ayurveda massage and advise to go to several doctors. I was totally confused and my pain started playing games with me like sometimes I feel no pain and the next minute the pain is at its peak. So, totally confused, we came for our summer vacation to Chennai as planned; a full busy family vacation schedule for 10 days. But casually visited Dr. Ashwin for an opinion and after seeing my MRI he mentioned a word that changed my mind. He told me that if I was a family member of his, he would strongly urge me to take the surgery as my condition is of that I was going to have a paralyzed leg and this could happen any time, sort of like a time bomb attached to my back. That word changed my life and I agreed to go for the operation. Total scenario changed. Our family vacation became a lifesaving event instead. I got admitted and Dr. Ashwin and Dr. PhaniKiran did operation and that day evening Dr. Ashwin asked me to stand and start walking. I was so happy that my shooting pain had gone completely. Now 14 days has passed after the surgery and now I’m a completely new man.Dr. Ashwin is a great human and he took me as his family member and advised otherwise. I might have gone to Kerala for the Ayurvedic massage or some other choices because I was totally against the operation 15 days ago. Even until the last minute before the operation, I got a lot of phone calls saying that I shouldn’t do the surgery. Even my brother from USA had asked me to abort because he thought it was a risk. But now me, my family and my friends are happy that I became normal because of Dr. Ashwin. Thanks Dr. Ashwin. I have no words to thank you please keep it up and I wish you will make lot of people happy by relieving their physical pain.


After my association with Mr.Ashwin Vijay, I came to know that he is definitely more than a Doctor. It was indeed his kindness and smile that helped me a long way in my early recovery, than the medicines prescribed by him. In fact I used to look forward my weekly visits with the Doctor, so that I can boost my energy level. The assurance on his face definitely increased my confidence and I realized, that with God’s Grace, I am in the right hands. To be more precise, I have no other option, but, to attribute my special appreciation for his pain management treatment. Not once, did I feel any pain or discomfort, after my surgery. With lot of patience, he will always spend his valuable time with the patient, duly explaining him in detail and making him feel at home. Hats off to the doctor!! At this juncture, I assume that may be my meeting with an accident, is a god given opportunity for me, to meet a person like Dr.Ashwin Vijay in my life! It is always said that good people always get associated with good people. That is why Dr.Ashwin Vijay has been blessed with a kind & capable person, like Mr. Jose, as his secretary. I have never heard of any Doctor’s secretary giving a call to the patient regularly and finding out how he is doing. From day one, till this date, Mr.Jose has been always rendering his service & support through frequent & timely phone calls. I am sure, definitely Mr.Jose is one of the valid reasons for Dr.Ashwin Vijay’s success story.In this context, it will be only fair on my part to wish Dr.Ashwin Vijay and his secretary Mr.Jose, all success in their journey. In nutshell, without any second thought, I will definitely recommend Dr.Ashwin Vijay as a NUMBER 1 CHOICE for any orthopaedic consultation.